An editorial calendar is basically a fancy way of mapping out your blog’s content and other content (think slides, freebies, videos). Using monthly, quarterly or yearly calendars, you set up exactly what you are going to post about and when. It allows to have a comprehensive plan for your overarching content themes and lets things flow seamlessly. Not to mention how it can take the stress out of having to come up with content ideas on the fly.

Why plan out your content (and product launches) and use an editorial calendar?

Planning will help you focus.

If you’ve ever sat down to map out the coming months you’ll know how much effort goes into the process. However, the upfront work will definitely work to your advantage when you are able to have succinct campaigns where all the pieces of content work well together. By mapping out all the pieces of a launch or content theme and popping them into an editorial calendar you’ll be able to breath a sigh of relief in the coming weeks as you’ll know what you’ll be producing an when. This planning exercise and crafting of an editorial calendar will allow you to relax and not stress about creating kick ass content.

Always be at least one step ahead.

Knowing what is coming down the pipeline allows you to be in control. You’ll be able to batch write a lot more effectively – if that’s your thing! But not to worry, having an editorial calendar doesn’t mean you give up complete creative control. If you’re feeling the urge to write or create a video, go ahead and do it. You can also pivot as the year progresses.  You may have mapped out a topic for June but realize come April that you audience is itching for a different topic. The planning guide and editorial calendar as there to help you get your ideas down on paper, it’s not meant to be written in stone.

So, how do you plan out your content and editorial calendar?

First, take some time to come up with your goals.  Do you want to start taking on clients? Do you want to launch an eCourse? Do you want to start booking speaking gigs? Do you have a monetary goal?

The overarching goals of 2017 will shape what content themes you’ll be creating and ultimately the types and topics of content in each theme.

Go ahead and get your hands on the FREE 2017 CONTENT PLANNING & EDITORIAL CALENDAR!

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