I know lots of people out there that have started blogs as more of a hobby or “internet journalling” but if you are looking to monetize your blog or it’s being used to support other income streams, I am here to tell you that you need to start treating it like a business.

So today I am going to go over 5 elements that will help your blog grow and be a tool for you and your business.

  1. Get up all up in the business
  2. The blog is for your ideal customers or clients, not your friends or family
  3. Show just how kick ass you are
  4. Keep them coming back for more
  5. Show me the money! Be sure the blog supports your business goals

Alright, hang on to your seats.  Let’s break things down.

1. Get all up in the business

If you are reading this, you are probably an entrepreneur or at the very least someone with goals to be one. The idea of owning and running a business is pretty simple at it’s core: exchange a good or service for money.  Boom!  That’s right folks, yeah gotta be pulling in the green. Now you may love blogging but if you can’t pay the bills with the income, it really is just a hobby.

For you to be a successful blogger or online entrepreneur who uses a blog to generate interest and lead then you have to approach blog writing as a business.  This means researching topics, employing SEO techniques, writing consistently and spreading the word about your posts.   

2. The blog is for your ideal customers or clients, not your friends or family

In theory this seems simple, craft the perfect blog post for those you want to ultimate purchase your product or service.  Though there are countless examples where people write about topics geared more for family, friends and peers than those they are ultimately targeting.

If you’re a health coach as an example you may be included to write a blog post about the Digestion and Absorption of Fats but this may be too advanced for those likely seeking advice about healthy recipes and basic exercise techniques.

When you’re brainstorming content topics, think about the types questions your current clients are asking or what struggles people are having.

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3. Show just how kick ass you are

For many, a blog is a way of showcasing just how awesome you and how you are an expert in your field. There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Value-packed blog posts
  • Content upgrades (checklists, swipe files, how to guides, etc).
  • Use of video to visually introduce yourself to your audience
  • Courses that help your visitors reach a specific goal
  • An awesome About Me page that talks about your UVP (Unique Value Proposition) while at the same time making you approachable & relatable
  • Use of a unique voice and/or style that makes you memorable

Don’t forget if you have testimonials or reviews, be sure to post those on your website too!

4. Keep them coming back for more

People may come across one of your blog articles via social media or google search, but your goal is to have them coming back for more.  It usually takes more than one visit to your site to convince your readers to sign up for a newsletter. If your goal is getting them to convert to a paying customer, well that will take many interactions.

There are a few things that will increase the likelihood of your visitors returning:

  • Use internal links (links to other posts or pages on your site) that will promote the visitor to continue exploring.
  • Write seriously epic long form blog posts. Not just long, but chocked full of useful info.
  • Provide a next-step at the end of each page on your website, whether its a contact us form, download or next article, but sure to tell your reader what action you want them to take.
  • Show of your personality so that your readers feel connected to both you and your content.
  • Use content upgrades to provide even more value and capture the lead for future emailing.

5. Show me the money! Be sure the blog supports your business goals

You should view your blog as a tool to support your method of making money.

If you are deriving money from affiliate sales then your blog should help build your authority and reputation in your niche so that when you make a recommendation for a product or service people are listening.

If you sell courses then your blog should be speaking to the topics you’ll cover.

Aside from building trust and authority, you’ll want your blog (your whole website really) to guide the visitor through the steps necessary to become a paying customer/client. Remember, people need a bit of handholding when it comes to making a purchase. Make them feel comfortable, assure them that the purchase will somehow make their lives better and have CLEAR call to actions.

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As a quick recap

  1. The decisions you make and actions you take should have the success of your business in mind
  2. Be sure your articles address the pain points or questions your ideals customers or clients have
  3. Use your blog to prove your expertise and showcase all your knowledge
  4. Make it easy for people to move through your content, learning more about you and what you have to offer
  5. Create a website and write posts that support your business, without the distractions.



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