I spent the better part of my afternoon trying to implement multiple images for Pinterest to pull.  I thought going into it that it would be an easy enough task.

Goal: Have 2-3 images to pin to Pinterest to see which performs best.  Images should not appear in the body of the blog post.

First I tried installing two different plugins that would add extra featured images.  My theme, Divi, out of the box offers space for one featured image. Both plugins were easy to install and work with but didn’t give me the desired results.  Pinterest still wasn’t recognizing the additional images.

Plugin Option 1 – Dynamic Featured Images for WordPress

Plugin Option 2 – Multiple Post Thumbnails in WordPress


Solution: Add a DIV tag to your image code to make them hidden

Step 1 – Add the images to the very end of your blog post using the “Add Media” button

Pinning Different Images to Pinterest

Step 2 – Click on Text mode on the upper right hand corner of your WYSIWYG editor

Step 3 – Wrap your image code with <div style=”display: none;”> </div>


And voila!  I refreshed my blog post and clicked the Pin It button in Chrome and there they are!

Multiple Images for Pinterest


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