Ranking #1 on Google is the holy grail for all roofing companies (or should be!!). But, for most businesses, you have no idea where to start.  We get it, Google is guarded with their ranking algorithm, SEO can be an overwhelming topic, and your time is precious.

We’ve put together our top three recommendations when it comes to improving your website’s SEO, ranking higher, and getting more roofing leads. Don’t be afraid and get in there, or if you don’t have the time or desire, be sure to hit us up for help!

Know what terms people are searching for

If you don’t know what terms your customers are using, you don’t know how to update your site with those keywords.  You can start by brainstorming yourself starting with broad terms and getting more focused.

“Roofing companies in XX”   ->   “Roof repair Atlanta”   ->   “Flat roof repair Atlanta”

A great place to start for developing your keyword list is the Google Keyword Planner (you do have to create a Google Ads account, but don’t need to pay for ads to use the Planner tool)

Finding keywords

Update your pages with your selected keywords

Now that you’ve pinpointed your keywords, you will update your website to include them.  If you are new to SEO or have a new business, you’ll get the most bang for your buck starting with hyper-focused keywords rather than broad ones out of the gate.

Update your website/pages in these locations:

  • Page Title
  • Page Description
  • H1 (the main header element on your page)
  • Sprinkle it through out the page’s content

Lots of high-quality content

For pages (including the home page) aim for 500-700 words, blog posts should be in the 800-1,000 word range.

Here are some helpful hits to creating these killer pieces of content

  • Start with the question your website visitor wants answering
  • Use headings to break up the content for improved readability and to draw attention to the subsections
  • Use images, gifs, or videos to enhance the content and make it more visually appealing
  • Provide links to other pages/products/posts to guide the reader to something else they may be interested in
  • Incorporate keywords (see above)


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